Get Inspired: The Art Of The Start

The Art Of The Start

If there is anything that is almost a tough thing to do, it is the start. Start to drive, start to write, start to exercise, start to lose weight, start to eat right etc. You would be surprised just how much we shoot ourselves in the leg even without knowing.

We need to make more money without the start. So you have all the ideas and they seem so great and different and yet, the gumption to do, the resolve to start is usually sat on by Father Procrastination. You find one more reason to hold out, one more excuse of what and what still needs to be done before you launch out, one more competition to understudy before you open your businessman to the public.

So you never really start!

Fast forward to a few months, or a few years and you see the result of something akin to your idea and you want to slap your head, not much because of the possibility of the idea you now see, but because you never got to the start.

Procrastination is really not doing that which you desire to do; it is simply putting it off to a more ‘favorable’ time. ‘Favorable’ referring to the time when your ‘belief system’ tells you that you have all you need and cannot fail. You have your business plan guaranteed by several consultants who have looked and made several studies and pronouncement on the viability of the business. The only problem is a business with the best of plans and idea is still at best a great idea with a great business plan. Your businessman plan is laced with so many assumptions and postulation that you could be facing ruin as well as entering into your wealthy place. But you will never know, never comprehend just how much room there is to grow because you push back getting to the start.

How to get to the start

1. What is the purpose?

  • How will this idea improve my community? My world?
  • What would happen if I don’t get to the start?

2. What is the plan?

  • What do I need to get to the start?
  • What are my fears about getting the idea started?
  • What would become of the idea in 3 months if I get to the start now

3. What is the profit?

  • What is the state of my mind when the idea prospers?
  • What would I be able to do that I have always wanted to do?


Even if you don’t succeed, the thought that you did something is able to add to your confidence level. So let the start begin…

Credit goes to Oluwawaseun Dawodu for this post.

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