Ladies Tips :- 10 things Men Find Unattractive In Women

10 things Men Find Unattractive In Women

Women gossip. That’s foreclosed. Even the general advice is don’t tell others about your boyfriend/husband fashion oops and all except fot just laughs. Well, most of them still don’t heed the advice.

Does an average guy whose occupation has nothing to do with fashion really understand anything about women’s outfit, perfume, or makeup? Some do.

Here are 10 things they find unattractive:

1) Elaborate


If you have an occasion or event to attend, then it’s perfectly alright to do elaborate and intricate hairstyle on one’s head. Men don’t really appreciate them that much.

Preferable for them is i simple hair they can just run their hand through; devoid of Jell and the female treatment for hair.

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