Top 10 Most Beautiful Filipina Actresses 2015

Perfectly Pretty Pinay – Filipinas are blessed with gentle features and the perfect color. Most Filipinas have dark black hair with the same eye color and perpetually tanned skin. Most of them are modest and even shy. However, they continue to excel in different fields of expertise, one of which is the show business.

Actresses use their talents and looks to stay in the business and here are ten of them who are considered as the top 10 most beautiful Filipina Actresses:

10. Mightily Beautiful – Myrtle Sarrosa

10 myrtle_sarrosa A well-known Cosplayer, this ex-Pinoy Big Brother housemate graced the cover of FHM or For Him Magazine.

She reinvented herself from a sweet and beautiful face to a daring darling.

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