5 Natural Tips for a Glowing Skin

Everyone loves a glowing skin because it makes you feel pretty good. There are various ways you can make your skin glow, from washing your face every night, eating good food to exfoliating every week.

Nurturing your delicate skin cannot be over-emphasized and we are delighted to share some beautiful skin secrets from professional makeup artist, and BM|Pro CEO Banke Meshida-Lawal.

Natural Tips for a Glowing Skin

“The skin is an amazing organ — it prevents water, microbes, dirt, and other particles from entering the body, it regulates your temperature by allowing you to sweat excess heat and to shiver during the cold to help the blood move faster. It harnesses the energy of the sun, and converts it into vitamin D — your skin can actually create energy on the highest level!

It’s also a window into your body’s health. What you eat and drink, your digestion, your liver’s ability to detox, your stress levels and sleep patterns — all of these show themselves through your skin. Your skin works hard for you, so you should work hard for it“, she says

Here are 5 ways to show how to care for your skin and appreciate what it does for you:

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