Top 10 Things to do in the Philippines

Top 10 Things to do in the Philippines

So how do you sum up the Philippines? An archipelago of 7,107 unique islands, home to volcanoes, tropical rainforest, paradise beaches, UNESCO World Heritage rice terraces, Spanish colonial architecture, vibrant festivals, a great music scene and some of the best diving in the world… (breathe) told you it was difficult! Here is our guide to the top 10 things to do in the Philippines that we reckon backpackers just can’t miss!

1. Play Robinson Crusoe…

Where? The Visayas

island-hopping Island hopping is an absolute must in the Philippines and no trip to the archipelago is complete without a maritime adventure on a traditional Filipino out-rigger boat, known as a banca. Sail from tropical island to island, with no itinerary other than where the wind blows.

Rise early in the mornings to catch a glimpse of dolphins as you charter through deep turquoise waters. In true Robinson Crusoe style, stop for lunch of barbecued fish on perfect paradise islands with no more than a few palm trees sprouting from their centre.

Swim and snorkel in water so clear and warm and see tropical fish darting over colourful coral many feet below. Step ashore on deserted beaches and create the first footprints in the sand. Only then will you discover that a banca really is the best way to travel…

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