African Countries With The Most Beautiful Women

Africa is blessed with plenty things. Amongst them are beautiful women. By beauty, we refer to both outer physical beauty and the inner trait of character and all.

Both dark and light skinned, the array of girls in the region is breathtaking.

We looked to most countries in Africa and we decided to bring you individual beauties from each based on public perception of them.

Some countries are abundantly blessed with brainy beautiful women, e.g. Egypt but our focus is on various countries. In this list some of them are beauty pageant contestants and they didn’t even win.

With no further ado, check out this beautiful women and share your comment afterwards.

Somalia – Jawahir Ahmed


She represented Somalia in the Africa Utah Pageant, which she won. She was also Miss Somalia in the Miss United Nations USA Pageant. She is proudly Somalian.

Egypt – Arwa Gouda


From 2004-2006, Arwa held the title of world’s best female model. She is from Egypt and is holding her head up high.

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  1. Moses Austin Shumba
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  3. Jackson Nankuyu
  4. Muctaru Barrie
  5. Aheu Deng Kudum
  6. Stunner Mwakayoka
  7. Hassan Ali
  8. Hassan Ali
  9. Itxshmurda Tha-klassic Duckworth
  10. Abdi Deeq
  11. Ahmed Ibnu Xaaji Geelle
  12. Henry B. Samukai
  13. Ahmed Mohammed
  14. Samuel desalegn
  15. Biruk Bisrat
  16. Cabdirisaaq Cali Koofi
  17. Naveen Gururani
  18. Kenfred Blessings
  19. buba
  20. buba
  21. Ahmed Sirage
  22. Ali Mohamed Mohamud
  23. Fatima Abdikadir Ugaas
  24. Fatima Abdikadir Ugaas
  25. Anonymous
  27. Alem Gebreslasa
  28. Abdifatah
  29. Voke Tosh
  30. ওমোন বুজ
  31. Dambayi Hleta
  32. Gladson Makaka
  33. Sosthène Adjanohoun
  34. Jaamac Cali Axmed
  35. Ukwitegetse Alphonse
  36. David Milan
  37. Barambaras Tesfay
  38. Teddy
  39. Dharka
  40. Princess B.O
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