Top 10 Richest African Musicians

Entertainment scene in Africa is now changing…

Especially, the musical aspect.

Plenty celebrities have sprung up with melody and tunes of their voices. In the same light, they are getting richer day by day. We bring you top the Top 10 Richest African Musicians.

10. Jose Chameleone


Jose (or Joe) Chameleone is a Ugandan artiste who found his niche blending traditional Ugandan folk music, a bit of rumba and a heavy reggae influence. He sings in English, Swahili and Luganda.

His mansion outside of Kampala and four cars (including a Cadillac Escalade and a Benz) are evidence of his success, particularly with his hit, ValuValu.

He’s been credited with changing the face of music in Uganda, as well as making local music accessible to the rest of the world.

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  1. Imani King
  2. Anonymous
  3. Yannick Embumba
  4. Dems Mawonga
  5. Gaëlle Botshima
  6. Heritier Bamodi
  7. Michée Tumbula
  8. Hassan Kamara
  9. Hoody Loaf
  10. Rose Yusfi
  11. Rose Yusfi
  13. Lueth Dau Ajok
  14. Lueth Dau Ajok
  15. Bataly Zamba
  16. Benedicte Tuwizana
  17. Hussein Lucas
  18. Joachim Anato
  19. Jean Kibaza
  20. Merlin Mbessa
  21. Cy Cy
  22. Sandile Sunrise
  23. Arthur Macaulay
  24. John Elvis LB
  25. Joseph Tshibangu
  26. Gedeon Gmd Muyanika
  27. Sidiki Fofana Dity
  28. Lansana Kuteh
  29. Victor Egah
  30. Lubega Mark Joseph
  31. Juvin Akon Syapa
  32. Feedox Redson
  33. Moussa Abdou Abdou
  34. Mohamed T Williams
  35. sky
  36. Winifred J. Ndorleh
  37. Bozz Man Jr
  38. Papy Moscou
  39. Amanya Drone Agry
  40. Anonymous
  41. Gerald Bernard
  42. Santiago Felix
  43. Taban John
  44. Jackson John
  45. Maman Sani Hamissou Oumarou
  46. Precious Presh B Mapata
  47. Benjamin Kwizera
  48. Fung

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