10 Great Unbelievable Mysteries of the Deep Ocean

The ocean is a great mystery unto itself. Diving deep down to the ocean floor you never know what alien creatures you may meet or what pirate treasures you may find. Over the centuries the ocean has given rise to an immense number of bewildering and puzzling mysteries, myths and legends. People are still trying to solve the ancient secrets that the ocean has been hiding. What’s inside the Bermuda Triangle? What happened to the lost city of Atlantis? How to explain the phenomenon of the “Milky Sea”?

The scientists began to study the oceans intensively only in the second half of the 20th century. Many scholars argue that the depth of the oceans has been studied less intensively than the dark side of the moon. Experts familiar with exploration of the seas think only 2-5% of our underwater world has been explored thoroughly. But in that 2-5% we have a lot of interesting mysteries that need to be revealed. Let’s look through the top 10 of the most unbelievable ocean mysteries.

1. The Bimini Road


There is unknown structure of stone blocks near the Bahamas, which for decades have haunted local residents, scientists, mystics and psychics. They believe that these man-made structures are the remains of the ancient continent of Atlantis.

Nobody knows what the purpose of this road is and where it leads. It is made of huge stone slabs, some of which reach 13 feet in length. They lie at a depth of 20 feet, but thanks to perfectly clear water are easily visible from the surface. The total length of the road is about a half a mile.

Researchers later stated that these blocks are not the usual coastal fragments of rock, but specially treated plates. In favor of the fact that the stones appear to have been fashioned by humans. Some elements of this underwater road are as smooth as a polished table.

Over time, the mysterious stone “road” gave birth to chilling legends. For example, two American divers, who explored the area in 1979, swore that they had seen in the water a glowing triangular object. The triangle was rapidly moving from the bottom, made several steep turns, and then emerged from the water, soared into the sky and disappeared. Another diver saw a ten-foot tall human figure that was moving under water without a diving suit.

It is very difficult to investigate this area, as the waters are fraught with strong undercurrents and a large number of white sharks. Nevertheless, an American expedition in 2004 discovered under a layer of stone blocks one more level, and lower still a third level. They couldn’t get to the base of the ancient buildings. Divers have concluded that it is not a road, but most likely the top of walls.

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