Movie Review :- Avengers :- Age of Ultron

Movie Review :- Avengers :- Age of Ultron

What was your take on the Age of Ultron?

Well for one thing i’d like to thank the marvel cinematic universe (MCU) for doing that which has never been done: bringing all three blockbuster movie characters (Thor, Captain America and Iron man – the incredible hulk not included) under one roof.


The Avengers part one was a masterpiece. And i have to say i had expected the sequel to be even better. But sadly i was a bit disappointed with the age of Ultron. Yeah true, it is now one of the highest grossing movies, but its success in the box office and its plot are two completely different things.

In the first installment of the franchise our heroes (from their different movies) all team up to defeat Loki- Thor’s half brother (by the way Tom Huddleston is a remarkable actor)- and the invading forces of the Chitauri.

I have to commend the marvel movies by the way. They seem to be sweeping the floor with DC movies lately. Amazing plot, great great humor (something the DC movies terribly lack. Well somehow i can’t imagine superman having much of a sense of humor not to talk of batman)

Anyways. The first installment was top notch. So i guess naturally our expectations were high regarding the age of Ultron, but sadly, it fell short of that expectation.
Where did it go wrong? Let’s have a list shall we?

1.The plot itself.

In the first installment’s story, we had Loki ( a non human) bringing his force of chitauri ( a faceless bunch of really really weak baddies) trying to destroy a city (New York).
In the Age of Ultron we have Ultron (a non human) bringing his robot drones (a faceless bunch of really really weak baddies) trying yo destroy a country ( Sokovia )
Can someone say ‘cliché’?

I mean- ok- we have seen it all. There is nothing new in the movie world anymore, but when a plot becomes painfully predictable you tend to see a lot of eyes rolling. It was the same thing over again, the plot was weak.

Terribly weak.

That aside there were some things that just did not fit in. The black widow-Bruce Banner love affair – that was totally unnecessary, not to talk of irrelevant. Then there is that pool of water that has never been seen in the marvel cinematic universe. The one Thor used to play back his vision. This mysterious pool just came out of nowhere and Joss Whedon did not see fit to give its origin a proper explanation.
All we got was ‘Men who enter that water. The legends… Don’t end well.’ Remember when the second trailer came out and there was a mysterious woman disrobing beside a pool of water inside a cave?
Well what happened to her? I mean she wasn’t in the movie. Looks to me that there were some last minute changes in the story line in the time between the second trailer and the film’s release.

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