Reasons Why Men Cheat On Their Partners

Ok its no news that men cheat! Actually- statistically speaking- women cheat almost as much as men (if not more so).

But why do men cheat? What are they looking for when they cheat? It is said that one out of every three couple is prone to infidelity.

So the question is ‘why’? So based on my own findings and a few curious searches on google, i managed to assemble the top five motives behind a man’s extramarital affairs. (unconsciously in many cases. It’s really not just about the sex!)

So shall we?

Reasons Why Men Cheat

1. Appreciation.

The cause of infidelity could be something as minute and subtle as lack of appreciation. Everybody loves to be appreciated form time to time. And most men love to be appreciated by their wives.

However when a relationship is devoid of appreciation and full of criticisms and complaints or even possibly contempt, then a man may start looking for positive affirmations from others.
With the new love interest everything is wonderful — he is wonderful — in the first flush of a new relationship — then we all tend to fall into upping criticism and dropping appreciation.

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