Man Transforms Himself Using Make-Up To Popular Celebrities…

Make-up does wonder. Its now generally accepted. Well what’s the essence of make up? If not to transform the user.

And that’s exactly what Filipino make-up artiste Paolo Ballesteros did. He reincarnated himself to various celebrity look-alike using make-up and the result was stunning.

From hairstyle, to their smile, down to their smirks, Paolo Ballesteros really took the application of make-up and costume to another level a notch higher.


Angelina Jolie as Maleficient

Man Transforms Himself Using Make-Up To Popular Celebrities

Paolo Ballesteros with a very convincing impersonation of Jolie as Maleficent. Her high cheekbone cum piercing gaze were totally recreated with accuracy. In case you are wondering who is who, the middle picture is the real Jolie.

Taylor Swift

phil Taylor

Paolo must be really proud of his rare but exceptional skills. He did a spot on recreation of our darling pop queen and we have to say we are totally impressed.

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