Top 10 Most Corrupt African Countries

Corruption and economic hardship often go hand-in-hand. In western nations like the United States and many European countries, we often see corruption come to light as the result of press. However, in Africa, corruption plays a major role in increasing poverty level and poor economy in a more blatant way.

Africa is a continent blesses with several mineral, agricultural and human resources. But due to the scourge called corruption, it is still light years behind Europe in terms of development. Oftentimes, existing government regulations provide an easy means for corrupt politicians, businessmen, or military officials to exploit the system. Many other countries are ruled by a variety of independent tribal leaders and often lack a centralized power structure with any meaningful sway.

Here are the Top 10 Most Corrupt African Countries :

10. Republic of Congo Brazzaville

Democratic Republic Congo

Still in the hands of one of Africa’s many corrupt dictators, in this case Denis Sassou Nguesso, with more opposition at home he has begun paying lip-service to creation of an anti-corruption campaign while he and a number of his lieutenants continue to skim funds, particularly from oil shipments through the port of Pointe-Noire.

Some time ago, the government arrested anti-corruption advocate Christian Mounzeo when he returned home to Brazzaville after criticizing publicly in Europe the government’s misuse of oil revenue.

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