Top 10 Celebrity Couples of 2015

Celebrities aren’t resistant to failed love affairs and relationships. However, it’s also not hard to find inspiring love stories between celebrity couples. As the divorce rate amongst celebrities skyrocket, there are duos that have withstood the test of time even without a marriage license.

Hookups, babies weddings,and the rest, Celebrity relationships have been the talk of the town this year. How has true love blossomed among the stars this year?Will this lot go the distance though?

Love them or hate them, we can’t get enough of these Top 10 Celebrity Couples of 2015

  1. Beyoncé and Jay-Z


Why are they so high on this list? After all, neither of them have released an album of new material since 2013. Jay-Z’s latest business venture, Tidal—a subscription-only streaming-music service—has been getting more criticism than buzz. Beyonce’s biggest announcement of late was to plug a vegan diet. And yet the world remains fascinated by this power couple.

When they post family photos on Instagram—her account has 35 million followers—it’s shared with the same excitement as a new record. Beyoncé has just 8 tweets to her name, and yet she has 14 million followers, just waiting and hoping for one more tweet. That’s what you call star power.

It may all seem to come effortlessly to them, but they’ve worked hard for every accomplishment.

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  1. Zooya Nalee
  2. Zooya Nalee
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  4. Rahwazgi Gebrekrstos
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  14. Senay Girma
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  18. Arinzy Madriga
  19. Nizar Ramsey
  20. Masimbuko Binga

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