Top 10 Most Expensive Luxurious Phones of 2015

An essential necessity of life that most people can barely cope without is a smartphone. If you ask the question “Can you imagine your life without your smartphone?” Many people would reply with “No! Definitely not!!” Many feel smartphones are an important part of their life.

Mobile phones, a modern day necessity turned into lavish and luxurious accessories is the topic of our discussion today! Everything is a status symbol in today’s time especially mobile phones. We’ll see how far the mobile game stretches and which phones were made and bought at extraordinary prices. Most of the latest mobile phones would make your eyes glisten at the sight of a precious stone, the diamond! If you are stinkingly rich and intend spoiling yourself with a new phone, you have many models to choose from. Here are the Top 10 Most Expensive Luxurious Phones of 2015.

10: Vertu signature Diamond

w_1-Ascent Signature Cobra Oro Argento At number 10 is the Diamond by vertu.

This device with all its bling costs $88,300 although it does not come with any advance mobile features.

This phone is composed of platinum and claimed the best assembly process is made by hand, not machines. It was decorated with a pretty fancy diamonds produced only 200 pieces.

This sleek diamond colored phone would look impeccable in one’s hand and feel amazing to one’s ego.

Vertu signature Diamond

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