Top 10 Most Popular Male Perfumes in 2015

For many men, finding the right perfume to match their indelible spirit can be confusing. Though it might seem at first herculean, but it is usually worth it at the end. Different people smell differently. However, what distinguishes class from ordinary may be just the right scent of the right cologne. This is what classy men relish all the time – a smell that connotes respect, confidence and attraction. This is the top 10 list of the most popular perfumes in 2015 for men.

1. Nautica Voyage by Nautica

Nautica Voyage by Nautica

The Sea breeze best describes the scent of the Nautica Voyage, with a touch of coastal herbs and trees.

It was created by Maurice Roucel in 2006 and since been the choice of many men.

Carter Oosterhouse , a Model and TV personality is the face of this cool, fruity and aquatic fragrance.

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