7 Cues/Signs He Is Not The One For You

7 Cues/Signs He Is Not The One For You Most of our ladies nowadays fall for look and charms. They often fail to see beyond the physical attributes, which is why they mostly end up heartbroken or dissapointed.

Looks can be deceptive, so try not judge by looks alone. There are some signs that you just can’t miss (if you are observant that is). So how can you pick the good eggs from the bad?

Well here are some vital cues.

1. Pride.

It isn’t bad if you have your self esteem, but when it elevates to the border of pride then there is a problem. No good can ever come out of dating an arrogant guy. You can tell if he’s arrogant from his body language. If he is the type of guy that looks down on people occasional, hardly  listens to what you say but always wants to be heard, always wants his opinion to be the leading decision without contemplating, then he falls under the list of arrogant guys.

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