Top 10 High-Tech Smart Gadgets In 2015

It’s not news anymore that we now live in a technological world. Since the evolution of high capability gadgets simply called smart (examples are smartphones), innovation has spiraled to a whole new level and with the rapid progression, there’s still so much to be revealed.

The reason for this razzmatazz is no other than the growing demands of the smart market and the need to improve upon every release.

2015 is not an exception as upgraded devices of different types and functionalities are being announced; and many more still to come.

Of all the crazy innovative inventions, here are the Top 10 High-Tech Smart Gadgets In 2015 so far ;

10. Typo iPad Air Keyboard

Typo iPad Keyboard

The Typo iPad Air Keyboard had a lot to prove. Not only did the product’s company come with some baggage to accept, it also has the highest price point of any iPad keyboard at $189. Fortunately, what you get with this keyboard is something that finally compares with what you get on a Microsoft Surface product.

The keyboard is clicky and well sized, feeling much more like a solid laptop than a junky tablet accessory. It’s expensive though, but if investing some money in turning your iPad into more of a work machine is your mission, it’s worth the cost.

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