Top 10 Largest and Busiest Airports In The World

Airport transportation has proved to be the most reliable and consistent means of transportation in recent times. Alternative media of transport was adopted in times past but when air-travel technology came into limelight, the industry has swirled transport into a new age.

This new development makes airports one of the most important places on earth. From international airports to domestic airports, the airways are getting busier and so are the airports. As the business gets larger, more space is needed; and some of the airports have ensured that.

Here is the top 10 Top 10 Largest and Busiest Airports In The World (in descending order);

  1. Beijing International Airport

Beijing International Airport

China’s second busiest airport is located in the northeast of Beijing’s city centre, taking a total area of 2330ha.

With over 581,773 registered flight schedules, a whooping 86,130,390 passengers have gone through this exotic airport and flights are directed to over 120 countries of the world.

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