Top 10 Most Expensive Jewelry Ever Sold In The World

Life is beautiful; and so is everything that has come with the package. As beautiful as life is, however, and as beautiful as human beings are, everybody wants more.

From career to closet to the jewelry boxes, there seem to be a never ending pursuit of “more”. “Diamonds are forever” they say; and on the top 10 list of the most expensive jewelry ever, diamonds are all over.

Diamonds are not only expensive, they are glistering and can be seen in various colour varieties, all of which makes unique and appealing aura.

Every piece of jewelry on this list can be considered a luxury and their owners, extremely posh, elegant and wealthy. Here they are: the Top 10 Most Expensive Jewelry Ever Sold In The World.

10. The Perfect Pink Diamond – $23.2 Million

The Perfect Pink Diamond

Expert reports show that fewer than 10% of pink diamonds weigh more than 0.20 carats.

Furthermore, finding a pink diamond with pure color without any additional orange or grey tones is rare. That pretty much explains why a bidder at Christie’s auction house, Hong Kong was willing to pay $23.2 million for a 14.23 carat diamond known simply as the Perfect Pink.

In terms of size and color purity, the Perfect Pink lives up to its name and holds the record for the most expensive piece of jewelry sold at auction in Asia.

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