Top 10 Beautiful Wives and Girlfriends of Footballers

In the world of soccer, the wives and girlfriends command as much attention as the players themselves. Even every world Cup coverage has a segment or special on Wives and girlfriends.

We cannot but take cognizance of the beauties these popular football players keep off the pitch. Yes, the soccer wives and girlfriends has secured a noticeable part in today’s soccer culture. The following list contains the Top 10 Beautiful Wives and Girlfriends of Footballers today.

Trust me, there are far more than 10 but there ain’t luxury of space and time. In no particular order, here they are.

1. Michela Quattrociocche:

Michela Quattrociocche

The Italian actress Michela Quattrociocche is married to Italian footballer, Alberto Aquilani.

She married Aquilani in 2009 and there have a 3 year old daughter.

She is more known in Italy as she has appeared in multiple movies in her native country.

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