Top 10 Most Popular Degree Courses

There are usually two factors that determine the choice of one course during the process of admission to College. The first is usually the gratification or satisfaction derived from studying the course while the other is the pay package attached to the course.

Just having an idea of what degree courses to take is not enough, a little research is needed and knowing what course is in demand will undoubtedly shed some light.

As the saying goes – find a need, fill the need; listed below are courses which are in high demand in our present day world. The Top 10 Most Popular Degree Courses around the globe.

1. Nursing

Nursing degrees have grown in popularity over the years. Nursing is a healthcare profession that offers upkeep for people in all age bracket, communities and group, families, groups and, sick or well and in all setting. Nursing also includes the promotion of healthy ways of living and prevention of illness amongst the underprivileged populace.

The possible career paths include working under a Nursing facility, office, hospital, Public health, occupational health, home health amongst others.

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