Top 10 Most Worthless Currencies in the World

The devaluation of a country’s money is almost always caused by tragedy and hardships that the citizens of that nation must endure, like predatory trade policies. Many rely desperately on tourism dollars so a visit to these very cheap nations can sometimes be a win-win situation.

Those countries with the most devalued currency certainly make dandy bargain vacations (unless, of course, they’re war zones, terrorist havens or malaria hot spots). So if you’ve ever had that dream of a vacation in some tropical jungle with more cash than you can fold, this is the list for you. The United Nations recognizes 180 national currencies as legal tender. Welcome to the bottom of that barrel.

A single U.S. dollar will buy the following units in these most devalued currencies.


10. Sierra Leonean Leone (1 USD = 4304.41 SLL)

Sierra Leonean Leone

As if civil war wasn’t enough, Sierra Leone’s stellar economic growth has been tragically stalled by the deadly outbreak of Ebola. Riding higher prices for diamonds, cocoa and coffee, forecasts had predicted 14% growth in 2015, but that has been scaled back to 5%.

There were 8000 people employed in the tourist industry, most now likely laid off. There are beaches and jungle wilds to be had if you’re a bargain-loving risk taker.

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