5 Things That Might Be Destroying Your Relationship

5 Things That Might Be Destroying Your Relationship

Sometimes it seems you have given your all in a relationship but it seems to be going nowhere fast.

More than a few of us have been at this point whether we choose to admit it or not. A relationship is a two people thing. You can’t expect one person to put all the effort while the other simply does nothing. There could be a million reasons why your relationship could be going down south. Lets have a look at a few shall we?

1. Over expectation.

We are all human and we all have our strength and limits. The best way to have a good relationship is to know your partner’s strength and limits. Once you know your partner’s pros and cons then you will have a smooth relationship.

There is nothing more disappointing than placing high expectations on a person only to be disappointed in the end. So try to accept his/her flaws and register it as part of who they are.

Truth of the matter is that nobody can ever completely be what you want them to be. It is logically impossible.

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