5 Little Random Things That Ruin Relationships

5 Little Random Things That Ruin Relationships

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There are many ways to crash-land a relationship. Sometimes the cause of  a relationship ending could be something so subtle that you simply overlooked, later this thing starts to manifest and grows like an infection.

If you are in a relationship you really want to hold on to then you need to read this article. Here are some common things that we take for granted that might eventually destroy a relationship.

1. Flirting

You might come across a friend and decide to get quite cosy with him/her  just for fun. Now to you it isn’t a biggie, but try to take an outsider’s perspective.

Flirting has never done any good in a relationship. To your partner( especially ladies – ladies hate when their man flirts with another woman) he/she might have different impressions, same as the person you are flirting with. ( an average guy sees a girl flirting with him and thinks to himself finally! Here is someone that wants to sleep with me)

Besides, too much flirting might make you lose control of your emotions, and before you know it you might end up doing something you would later regret.

So avoid hugs, sexting and all those other naughty activities. Avoid flirting all the same.

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