Top 10 Most Used Social Media Application/Websites

The ideas behind social networking aren’t any different or new. Ever since time immemorial, there have been people and concerted approaches have been made to network, connect and advance with each other, however entirely new methods have been used in the computer age. Where we used to have handshakes, verbal referrals, and stamped letters, today’s connections are regularly started and created on the likes of Facebook, Google + and LinkedIn.

This implies that canny entrepreneurs need to know and utilize a wide range of social media platforms to stay significant and also exploit developing open doors. Itemized below are the top 10 social media websites/apps in 2015.

1. Twitter


This happens to be amongst the least complicated of all online networking stages, Twitter likewise simply happens to be a standout social media platform, likewise is it fascinating.
Messages are restricted to 140 characters or less, yet that is all that anyone could need to post a connection, share a picture, or even exchange thoughts with your most loved ones.

Twitter’s interface is anything but difficult to learn and utilize, and setting up another profile just takes minutes.

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