6 Annoying Things We Do On Snapchat

Unless you are living under a rock, or just ignorant, you have probably heard about Snapchat, and chances are, you have already registered an account. In fact, as it is, almost everyone uses it!

Snapchat has become the go-to app to capture a quick life-moment, with hilarious face swaps of course. But then, as always, some people, who clearly have no chill at all, and possibly no clue on how to properly use the app, have found ways take away the joy of seeing that iconic red square pop up by irritating those who actually know how to use the app.

Are you new to the Snapchat app and not sure if you have been using the app the right way? Thanks to Jumia Travel, now you can check out some quirks to ensure you are not a culprit.



Most social media users are crazy about hashtags. They do not only use in on social media platforms anymore but include it in face to face conversations with friends and even co-workers!

Unlike  Instagram and Twitter where hashtags are actually relevant and can lead you somewhere. Snapchat does NOT use hashtags and so, it is essentially pointless to use them on the app, especially as you are even limited to a tiny character count anyway.

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